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Yom Shishi, 10 Heshvan 5779

Our Clergy


rabbi linder

Rabbi Eric Linder is a teacher, student and connector. Rabbi Linder became the rabbi at Congregation Children of Israel in July, 2012. Raised in Plantation FL, he developed a love for Judaism after his parents bribed him with $20 to go to a youth group conclave. He likens this to God's call to Abraham of Lech L'cha, go forth.

While singing, playing, praying and making friends at the Jewish summer camp, URJ Camp Coleman (located just one hour north of Athens), he realized the power of Jewish community. He believes strongly that the Torah can be a vehicle for personal growth, as it calls each of us to venture courageously into the next steps of our lives. He brings his passions for music, movies and technology to the rabbinate, helping to make Judaism relevant and meaningful. Favorite topics include life after death, the theological problem of suffering (theodicy), the art (and science) of Torah interpretation, and whether or not things 'happen for a reason.'

Please feel free to contact Rabbi Linder at, or at the temple office: 706.549.4192.


Rabbi Smith


Our Rabbi is the spiritual leader of your Congregation.  He has published articles, reviews and short stories in many journals including Tikkun, Commentary, Midstream, Emek, Shma, Tomorrow, The Jerusalem Report and Response.  He has been the regular book reviewer of fiction for The Jewish Advocate and The Jerusalem Report, and The Jewish Journal.  

Our Rabbi was a senior vice president at the National Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, Massachusetts, and has served pulpits in Northampton and Manhattan, while teaching at Smith College and The University of Massachusetts. He has a BA in Creative Writing from Northwestern University. His MA is from Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  He received rabbinic ordination at The Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. 

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Rabbi Pulman


Warmly welcomed by Our Congregation Rabbi Pulman joined the synagogue in 2000.

The son of a pulpit rabbi, Pulman always knew he would one day follow in his father's footsteps, because he saw firsthand the influence a dedicated spiritual leader can have on people's lives.

Upon graduation from college he sojourned into the world of business, realizing that his ultimate goal was, indeed, the world of the rabbinate. "I reiterated my earlier hopes until the period when I would be ready to follow my dream", he said recently. "I always knew I'd come back to it, but I wanted to reach that point when I was completely ready to accept the challenge".

Accepting "the challenge" meant that Pulman had set priorities for himself as a Rabbi, among which is his desire to combat Jewish illiteracy. "I want to unlock the beauty of our tradition and make it accessible to everyone," he said. "I want to see myself as a key".

Having been a student at the Ziegler Rabbinical School at the University of Judaism, the future Rabbi Pulman gives full credit to his learning period for inspiration to enter the area of synagogue leadership as Associate Rabbi to Senior Rabbi, Geraiint and to give the congregants the benefits of such knowledge. Interning at Congregation Ner Tamid in Palos Verdes and serving in the U.S. Navy Chaplaincy Corps has enhanced his rabbinical career.

Among some of his duties at our Congregation teaching, developing adult education programs, spiritual counseling, working with teenagers, developing services for the ill and bereaved, and leading worship services.